We consider that growing wine should let us produce the best grapes whilst respecting the environment. The “production intégrée” or integrated production assures us an optimal quality and quantity ratio, thanks to a thoughtful process of production respecting each plot’s ecological and economical requirement.

We are also certified “VITISWISS” producers, an association that defends a durable viti/viniculture in Switzerland. It is not only about being efficient in the vineyards, but also paying attention to water consumption and energy use during the whole process of wine production. For example:

  • Proficiency, transparency and the producer’s care and responsibilities.
  • Quality and valorization of the products
  • Preservation and management of our natural resources
  • Thoughtful management of our inputs wastes and effluents
  • Sustainable management of our energy
  • Preservation of our landscapes and biodiversity
  • Respect of our team’s safety and health
  • Socio-economic implication of our business

Our new thermo regulated cellar in Aubonne is a good example of the above: It uses less energy than a traditional cellar whilst our grapes grow better.

We are part of the Swiss Association of Independent Winegrowers and Producers. It means we must comply to the following:

  • We grow and cultivate the grapes ourselves whilst producing wine in our own cellars.
  • We sell our wine in bottles, using our name, responsibility and label.
  • We are not allowed to buy grapes or wine for reselling. However, this doesn’t include the small percentage of different grapes needed during the process of winemaking that could be bought somewhere else, as allowed by the Confederation.
  • We respect an oenological code of good practice.

We take care of the whole process of production from the vineyards to the cellar so that quality and authenticity are respected.